Each ART & Porcelaine magazine contains several studies with descriptions and photos.

Shooting star N°22 December 2015

Apply the stickers and the blue adhesive tape (1). Prepare some gold-underlay with a medium, apply it with a brush, then pad it. Allow to dry (2). (Instead of gold-underlay you could use mat white or I-relief).

Remove the stickers and the adhesive tape, scratch the motifs out using a wooden rod (3). Fire at 800°(4). Apply bright gold with a brush beginning with the edges of your piece, then pad the whole piece. Fire at 770°(5).


Peony N°22 December 2015

Draw the motif then apply burnishing gold with a brush or a pen and paint the first part of the border (1). Fire at 800° (2). Finish the border, then apply resist around some leaves (3). Spread across some turpentine with a brush then apply the purple, orange and dark green lustres to each of the leaves. Use a different brush for each lustre and paint one leaf after another. Allow to dry, then apply a marbling mixture to the tips of the leaves (4). Remove the resist and then pad a salmon colour on the flowers (5). Fire at 800° (6). Due to its length, a continuation of this study will be published in the next edition.


Lotus 2 N°22 December 2015

Remove the resist and fire at 790°. Create the centre stems using mat white applied with a pen. Apply the white dots using white relief, then with transparent relief tinted first with yellow lemon and then with dark yellow. Next, with a brush apply mother of pearl lustre to the edges of the leaf (9). Fire at 780° (10). Apply the resist, then a mother of pearl lustre on the border and a pale blue lustre in the centre (11). Fire at 780° (12). If necessary, reapply the resist and the same lustres (13). Fire at 780° (14). Apply stickers of your choice, then pad over the resist. Pad on a metallic colour (here light brass) prepared with a medium (15). Remove the resist and the stickers, free out desired areas with a wooden rod. Fire at 780° (16).


Christmas Candles N°22 December 2015

Prepare some turquoise and some rich blue with open oil. Apply the star stickers and draw the candles. Apply resist on the candles. With a flat brush, sweep the two colours on to the background using horizontal strokes. Then, sweep rich blue on to the band on the left using vertical strokes. Scrunch some plastic wrap and use it to gently pad some parts of the tile. Remove the resist then paint the candles with a flat brush using turquoise and rich blue. Create the candle wax by removing some paint using a wipe out tool and a brush. Create the candle auras using the technique of splitting colours (book 3, page 42). Clear out the flames and the wicks using a wipe out tool, remove the stickers and fire at 800° (1).
Prepare white relief and apply it with a brush to the band on the left and to the flames. Also apply it with a metal rod to the candle auras. Allow to dry and fire at 780°. Prepare a metallic gold colour, then pad the left area with a sponge before applying the colour with a brush on the white relief, on the flames and the stars. Allow to dry well, apply some black colour on the wicks and fire at 770° (2).